Mirabella’s Miracle – Our Stuffed Monkey In Every Care Package


I wanted to share with you the story about why we include a stuffed monkey in every care package. When the day came that I was finally able to visit Mirabella in the NICU, I was so excited. She was already over one month old and although I couldn’t wait to see her, I remember being very scared about what to expect.


When we arrived at the hospital, a nurse from the NICU came out to meet me. She explained to me that Mirabella would be extremely small and that she would have a lot of medical devices attached to her. She said that I wouldn’t be able to hold her, so she handed me a stuffed monkey to carry with me into Mirabella’s NICU room.


I can still remember how comforted I felt holding that stuffed monkey, and I wanted to pass that same feeling of comfort to other families going through a similar experience. I hope that our stuffed monkeys can provide the same amount of comfort that I felt that day.


-Max Petruzzi
Founder / President
Mirabella’s Miracle