Mirabella's Miracle Care Packages

Our mission is to provide comfort and support for families who are experiencing the difficult preemie journey.

Our Care Packages

As part of our advocacy in helping the families of the infants under the care of NICU, Mirabella’s Miracle delivers care packages to provide comfort for these families.

Our care packages provide families with a reusable care bags that include a pink or blue baby blanket with our logo, a pink or blue premie hat, our stuffed monkey, a Mirabella’s Miracle bracelet, and a handmade note card from Mirabella.

Mirabella’s Miracle reaches out to many local businesses to help in providing additional items. All proceeds of your donations and profits from our fundraising programs will be used in purchasing the care package contents, as well as our other outreach programs such as providing dinners and snacks for the families in the NICU waiting room.

As its founders have experienced the difficult preemie journey as well, Mirabella’s Miracle is dedicated to help its community by providing care packages, and doing charitable events and activities.

We coordinate directly with local hospital staff to determine the specific needs of these families and provide them with the care they need.

Your generous gift will bring comfort to families with babies in the NICU.